I started 8 years ago as a Hatha Yoga teacher. About four years ago I turned to Iyengar Yoga. The alignment, precision and disciplin of Iyengar Yoga made me a better teacher. The Yoga House Studio where I teach gives me complete freedom. I have the advantage of a beautiful space to teach the process of Iyengar Yoga to my students in an unrestricted environment in Yogahouse. This in turn allows me to both learn and impart the Iyengar method to my students.


Yoga House says:

Prema’s genial and friendly personality and her warm caring nature instantly bonds her with her students. Most of her students soon become a part of her large circle of friends outside class. She is passionate about Yoga and teaches it with the same intensity and concern along with the precision of the style.

Prema is currently training to be certified as a Iyengar Yoga teacher and will qualify in early 2014.