The classes conducted in Yoga House are extensive and varied. This makes finding the right time to practice easier for all level of students.


This class covers the basic principles of IYENGAR YOGA and the use of props and foundations of postures (Asanas)

Level 1

With a strong foundation in the Beginners level, students can progress to Level 1. Here the Asanas can be held for longer durations, a broader range of Asanas will be introduced along with basic breathing techniques.

Level 2

This class is for students with a good practice at Level 1. Here poses are refined and taught at a deeper level. More advanced poses will be introduced here.


A slow paced class for seniors with not too much movement and strain. Poses will be heavily modified with props such as chairs, belts and bolsters to suit individual needs.


Yogi’s believe that awareness and control of breath bring longevity, stability of the mind and an increased sense of well-being. Basic Pranayama techniques will be taught here.


A soothing class to restore the energy of the body and mind. Here the poses will be supported by bolsters and other props with emphasis on holding postures for a longer time which will trigger a relaxation response from the nervous system.


Sitting guided meditation will be conducted for an hour. Techniques to calm the mind and to look inwards will be taught.